Since 1993

Love at Second Sip

Drink original. Yogost is a new taste experience with a healthy spirit.

Our yogurt drinks include fresh probiotic yogurt mixed with partially skimmed organic milk, top quality whole grain purple rice and natural fruit pieces for flavour and texture you’ve never had before.

Every drink is based on delicious probiotic yogurt rich in bacteria with positive effects on immune, cardiovascular and metabolic health. At the bottom is a slightly chewy purple rice high in antioxidants that assists heart health.

We carefully created, recreated and perfected our original recipes to balance nutrition with fresh taste for your enjoyment. We know it will be love at second sip.

original yogurt drinks - Yogost

Come visit us at Waterfront Night Market 2019!

Come and say hi at next year's largest street food festival, located at Ontario Place, 955 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON.